This event is the biggest conference where OLED experts from all over the world gather in one place for the sole intention of discussing OLED. These OLED experts will give talks on latest technology and market forecast. Many different OLED related companies will be able to use this conference as a place of highest quality networking.

The conference’s main topics will include OLED Display & Lighting Market, OLED Display & Lighting Technology, Flexible Device Technology, Printed Device Technology, and QLED Technology, and this will be a place of OLED focused information exchange.


* Depending on the speaker’s circumstances, the schedule/topics are subject to change.
* The official language of the conference is English. Thank you.
▶Day 1 (Feb 24)

Time Title
09:20~10:00 OLED Business – Success & Money (The opportunities, Challenges, Investment..)
10:00~10:40 The Government, The Companes, and The Academia
10:40~11:10 Coffee Break
11:10~11:50 Flexible or/and Wearable
11:50~12:30 Dynamics of TV Market
12:20~14:00 Lunch
Time Title Title
14:00~14:40 LCD vs. OLED OLED – Evolution of the application
14:40~15:20 OLED Equipment New applications
15:20~16:00 OLED Materials Path for Smart Watch
16:00~16:30 Coffee Break
16:30~17:10 Major issues of OLED Global Review of Panel Makers
17:10~17:50 Market forecast for OLED Target for OLED

▶Day 2 (Feb 25)

Printing (Soluble)

QLED is the replacement?
Can it solve the issue for OLED?
09:20~10:00 QLED – The present and the future Why solution process OLED
10:00~10:40 QLED – the replacement or drive for OLED The limitation of today
Coffee Break
11:10~11:50 Recent development Solutions for Large scale OLED
11:50~12:30 Major issues Materials for Printing Technology

What we expect from OLED Lighting
How OLED is good for a car
14:00~14:40 OLED Lighting technology Status The future car with OLED
14:40~15:20 General Lighthing The advantages of OLED for a car
15:20~16:00 Applications for OLED Lighting Market forecast for Automotive – OLED
Coffee Break
16:30~17:10 OLED Lighting with Flexible substrate Touch panel with OLED
17:10~17:50 The benefits of OLED lighting Future life style with OLED

Conference Outline

○Event: The 2nd OLED KOREA Conference
○Date: Date 24th ~ 25th of February, 2016
○Venue: Venue The K Seoul Hotel, Gayageum Hall
○Sponsor: 후원사

○Key Points

⁻OLED Industry Prospects

⁻OLED Industry Issues and Market Prospects, Latest Technology Trends

⁻Current OLED Industry in Korea/China/Japan

⁻OLED Issues: Flexible , Encapsulation

⁻OLED Competition: Quantum Dot Technology Trends

⁻Networking Opportunities for OLED Industry Experts


⁻Address: 12F The Korea Science and Technology Center, 22, Teheran-ro 7-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (TEL: 02.569.7600 )

⁻Subway: Exit 12, Gangnam Station / Exit 4 (toward Kukkiwon), Yeoksam Station

⁻Map Click

⁻As there are no parking space available, please use public transportation when possible.