OLED(panel) market analysis by increasing demand for mobile phone and premium TV set

April Topic Seminar

Date: Friday, April 21st 2017 from 1:30pm to 5:10pm

Venue: Emerald Hall 3rd floor at the FKI (Federation of Korean Industries) Conference Center

Host: UBI Research

Topic: OLED(panel) market analysis by increasing demand for mobile phone and premium TV set


UBI Research will hold a seminar at the Yeouido FKI Conference Center on Friday April 21st regarding OLED’s potential growth with technological advance through CES2017 and MWC2017,.

With the topic ‘OLED(panel) market analysis by increasing demand for mobile phone and premium TV set’, we will discuss the movement of OLED industry and market prospects by supply chain, analyzing built in OLED product launch plans of leading set manufacturers.

We will take a look at the latest OLED TV market, particularly focusing on the technological competition in CES 2017 between Samsung and LG on QLED and OLED TV, and new OLED TV launch of Chinese TV makers-Hisense and TCL as well as Japanese Sony and Panasonic. Anticipating that Apple’s iphone will be equipped with flexible OLED to celebrate its 10th anniversary with product launch this year, participants can have a chance to review major issues of OLED market in the first half via the summery of MWC 2017 and the latest trend of smartphone in application of AMOLED.

Lee, Choong-hoon, CEO of UBI Research, OLED-specialized research firm and Jang, HyunJun, senior researcher will present four following topics of OLED market.

▲ OLED evolution – full-fledged OLED application to evolve technology: foldable Phone, acoustic screen
▲ OLED market growth analysis based on mobile phone market demand
▲ Analysis of OELD premium TV (supply / panel) market growth following the OLED application
▲Analysis of material and equipment market forecast based on OLED panel market growth, and summary of OLED market by increasing demand for OLED panel

In this seminar, for the entire OLED market forecast, we will look at the current commercialization status and key issues of full screen OLED smartphones and acoustic screen OLED TV. Also we will forecast not just the panel but the OLED key materials and equipment market.

This UBI Research seminar will provide those who have belonged to OLED and its application industry as well as other related industry with valuable time to illuminate the OLED potential in the perspective of OLED market opportunity.

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